Here at Coastal 8, we have put together a formidable panel of experts to move our projects forward, but we cannot do this alone. There are many ways that you, as a business or as an individual, can get involved. Explore opportunities on how you can get involved and partner with us as an Investor, Collaborator, or Supporter.


The programs we execute hinge on us providing reliable sources of funding that furthers objectives and key results leading to a positive impact on the climate, the communities’ resilience, financial and ecological sustainability, and prosperity.

We provide clear and critical SDG measurements, showing clear benefits and outlining detailed sustainable Returns on both Assets (ROA) and Investments (ROI).

Whether you are looking to make a general investment in a sustainable initiative or you have a specific sector in mind, we can show you the available opportunities and help you navigate a format that aligns with your criteria and readily satisfies the ethics and ambitions of any client, board or owner.

The investment programs are subject to continuing due diligence, scrutiny, and transparency in accordance with relevant national laws.

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There are many opportunities to be a service provider in our programs and projects in various sectors, e.g., renewable energy, construction, transportation, etc. We have a diligent vetting process for any partners interested in providing services to our projects, which includes assessing sustainable business practices and strongly adhering to the U.N. SDGs.

If you or your organization also have specific expertise in ecological conservation or addressing climate change, we would welcome the possibility of discussing a partnership. It may be feasible to integrate your work and expertise into our projects.

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Having supporters is vital when you are aiming to make a difference, especially when you are operating in the climate change and ecological sectors.

Getting the word out there and gaining traction on anything from critical legislation to realizing beneficial partnerships, is imperative.

If you can assist us by making investor introductions, by helping to raise our profile, by promoting us on social media, or by helping us in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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