Meet our passionate team of experts.

Leadership Team

Rick Warner

Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development Leadership

Mark Way

Climate Risk and Nature-Based Solutions

Paulo Nobrega Lopes

Business Development

Katarina Fjording

Operations and Implementation

Aracio Rameriz

Venture Investment

Ted Lavoie

Financial Management and Governance

Jeff Roof

Systems Integration

Paul Stocking

Investor Relations

Paul Bahn


Dave Proctor

Content and Messaging

Advisory Team

Alex Amengual

Island Art

Dr. Mark Hammond

Natural Products Development

(AKI) Ahamed Allagholi

Coral Reef Restoration and Banking

Dr. Antares Ramos-Alvarez

Coastal Restoration

Elaise Darwaton

Island Resilience and Energy

Rhoda Green

USA and Barbados History of the Future

Sam Enfield

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Long Now Team

Mike Staiger

Marine Biology

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